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Diversity & inclusion

At Atlas Real Estate our mission is to uplift humanity through real estate.

We know! It sounds grandiose and it is. But at Atlas, our team is made up of entrepreneurs, dreamers and risktakers. We’re not afraid of pursuing big ambitions, in fact, it’s what drives usAnd when it comes to uplifting our people and the communities we serve, we believe there is no ambition more important. 

Diversity & Inclusion

We trust in the immense power of real estate as a vehicle to change livesbecause as owners of all asset classeswe have witnessed firsthand the positive impacts it can have. Home ownership has often been placed on a pedestal as the American dream, and for good reason. When purchased in the right markets, it is the most reliable path to long-term wealth creationIt doesn’t put food on the table today or save lives in a pandemic, but down the road it can pay for your children to receive a college education. It can pave a path to worry-free retirement. It can help you create generational wealth or simply provide the time and options that allow you to live your best life.  

While we see tremendous opportunities in real estate, we are also painfully aware that such opportunities have historically been inaccessible to many members of our community.

The industry we love is rooted in oppression and systemic racism and we would be wrong to ignore its shameful past.  

Today we are proud to be a fair housing provider and will not tolerate discrimination in the sale, lease or rental of housingBut if we want to truly uplift humanity, we feel an obligation to act beyond just complying with the law.  

To do so our team of investment specialists have created a series of live webinars especially designed to open the conversation for historically marginalized audiences. In these sessions we speak specifically to your unique needs, creating a safe space where it’s ok to be skeptical, its ok to ask the “wrong question” and it’s OK to ask for further clarification; in fact, we encourage it!  Each session is led by an Atlas team member who understands where you’re coming from because they too identify with the group that they are speaking to.  

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it’s where our team members felt they had the biggest opportunity to truly make a lasting impact in the lives of others.  

It is our sincere hope that you or someone you know will find this to be a helpful resource. If you have a specific need that’s not covered, please let us know and our team will do the best we can to accommodate.  

We see you. We value you. And we are committed to cultivating an inclusive,diverse and equitable community that elevates your voice and provides you withthe resources you need to thrive. 

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