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Becoming A Millionaire Through Apartment Investing

Atlas Real Estate
Cody Burton & Rebekah Scott
Virtual Event

Registration - Free

Presenting at 11am (MST) / 12pm (MDT)

If you’re looking for a way to get rich quick, this isn’t it. Slow & rich gains is the name of our game! Learn how you can optimize your portfolio through multifamily investing.

Join in on our free hour long webinar designed for experienced investors looking for ways to gain wealth and create more options. No gurus, class fees or sales pitch, just owners helping owners build sustainable wealth.

Atlas Real Estate Investment Specialists Cody Burton & Rebekah Scott will be hosting on Nov. 30th at 12pm (MDT). They’ll share their stories on how they got started in multifamily investing, discuss the importance of geo-diversity in your portfolio, the difference in apartment investing vs. syndication & how you can get started on your own multifamily investment.

They want to hear from YOU! Ask them anything in the chat! They’re passionate about sharing their real estate knowledge & experience because they know the impact it has on people’s lives.

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