Ed Reynolds Advises on How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent in Reader’s Digest

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August 10, 2018
Sara Russell

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Finding the right real estate agent is critical whether you’re a home buyer or seller and Atlas broker, Eddie Reynolds has important advice on how to find the right fit.

A little creativity is required from a real estate agent. “Whether you’re a buyer or seller, there’s a huge advantage to thinking outside of the box,” says Reynolds. “Understanding when to reduce a purchase price or waive contingencies as a buyer is crucial to getting your offer accepted.”

Reynolds goes on to advise, “if you’re looking to purchase a $2 million dollar house, don’t work with an agent that primarily sells $200,000 condos. The agent needs to be experienced at buying and selling homes in your price range.” Reynolds explains that one way to do that is to tell the agent, “I am looking for a $500,000 home, how many houses in that price point did you buy or sell this year?”

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