Ryan Boykin Discusses Working Hard for the Things You Want on The Entrepreneur Way Podcast

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Atlas co-founder and partner, Ryan Boykin recently sat down with Neil Ball of The Entrepreneur Way podcast to discuss working hard for the things you truly want. The two discuss everything from the difficulties in getting going, the hardships experienced as a part of starting your own business, mentors, inspiration and more.

“…somebody told me when I was getting going two pieces of advice which I have treasured always and I have repeated so many times. This gentleman said Ryan starting a new business that’s fantastic, I’m proud of you, is going to be a long journey but he said you have got three things. You have work, you have family and you have friends. Choose two, you are only going to have time for two. What is it going to be? Obviously, you choose work and family. That’s how I have had to choose where my time goes. And that was really illuminating for me in terms of how little time will be available and how big of a lift it is to start a business. Second piece of advice that put out there is same person told me in my commute home after a long day at work, let’s say I get 15 minutes in the car on the way home. He said you have got to treasure that 15 minutes, you have got to take that 15 minutes relieve your stress, get home to whatever home is for you and find your inner peace. Because that 15 minutes is your 15 minutes to recharge for your day really begins. And you walk in that door at your house because your wife and your family are all waiting there for dad to be present. And a lot of times of you don’t have that recharge and 15 minutes on that commute home you are not going to do what you need to do when your day really begins which is being that father and that husband ”

Listen to the full podcast

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