Rebekah Scott Winter Staging Comments Featured in Realtor Magazine

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November 29, 2018

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Atlas Associate Broker, Rebekah Scott’s comments on Winter home staging tips are featured in Realtor Magazine. The article specifically focuses on how to bring warmth and light to your home during the chillier months.

Consider some winter-themed outdoor decor, too. “I love putting evergreens next to the door and on the porch,” Rebekah Scott, a real estate broker for Atlas Real Estate Group in Denver, told®. “Everyone knows how elegant evergreens look with snow on them, so it’s a good way to really showcase the snow.”

“A cold house can hurt a sale,” says Scott. “When a buyer enters the house and wants to hurry up and get out of there because it is so chilly, it probably means they are going to have a bad memory associated with the home, no matter how great it is. You want to provide a warm and inviting environment so buyers will want to take their time and linger.”

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