Bryan Szabatura
Real Estate Advisor

Equipped with seven years of experience, having completed more than 150 transactions, Bryan has a proven record of providing unmatched service and a high level of value.

Bryan is an effective negotiator, decision maker and a true advocate for his clients. He utilizes a mix of strategic planning, unique approaches and tactics to successfully broker the sale/purchase of any investment, retail investment, land, etc. He is personable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and communicates professionally on all levels.

As a personal investor in real estate, Bryan actively practices the advice and tactics he advocates. He is committed to building long-term wealth and financial freedom for investors and homeowners alike, by teaching them how to strategically use real estate to save for their future.

Prior to joining the Atlas team Bryan worked in sales and consulting for Arrow Electronics. He later started his own boutique brokerage shop that operated on a fix-and-flip model. As Zillow’s partnership with Atlas expanded, Bryan was recruited to the team to help facilitate institutional acquisitions and ibuying. 

Atlas offers a unique owner-focused approach to all personal relationships and business transactions: investment, institutional acquisitions, property management, traditional brokerage, and rent with the right to purchase. Offices are located in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins as well as in Phoenix, enabling our clients to effortlessly diversify their real estate portfolios.