Jim Doolittle
Investment Specialist

In 2014 Jim was laid off from corporate America after 22 years. He dreaded the thought of returning to the rat-race lifestyle and real estate investing gave him a way out. Between 2014 and 2018 Jim purchased 28 doors across three states. Currently, he and his family live comfortably off the cash flow and is passionate about teaching others how to do the same.

After retiring young, Jim was recruited to the Atlas team. Working at Atlas allows him to live his passion, share his story and help others down the road to financial freedom through real estate investing. His challenge is to inspire, educate and motivate anyone who will listen about all the benefits that investment real estate provides. The biggest reward to Jim, is putting someone into a great investment and watching them grow financially and intellectually.  

At Atlas, Jim leads the portfolio review program and has developed a ‘stress testing’ tool that allows investors to understand how much lost rents their portfolio can endure.  When the results are not good, he advises them on strategies and maneuvers to ensure their survival.  

Outside the office Jim enjoys spending time with his wife and two teenage boys. He can often be found Skiing in in Summit County or out on a golf course.