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Why live in Colorado Springs?

Ranked the single most desirable place to live in the United States in both 2018 and 2019 by U.S. News & World Report, Colorado Springs is a gorgeous and growing community nestled in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains’ southern Front Range. Just what makes this city such a desirable place to put down roots? To start, the environment and location of Colorado Springs promotes a healthy lifestyle.

There is an abundance of outdoor activities available to locals, including a host of hiking and cycling trails, wildlife-watching locations, and incredible parks (think Pike’s Peak and Garden of the Gods). These spaces offer not only spaces to stroll and exercise, but more exotic pastimes such as rappelling and viewing fossil beds. Further, there are nine ski resorts within 2 hours and 40 minutes of the city! In addition to the amazing outdoor opportunities available to residents, the city ranks 14th on the American Lung Association’s list of the top 25 cleanest U.S. cities for year-round particle pollution.

Beyond this, it could be said that Colorado Springs actually forces residents into better health.

This means that the elevation naturally causes the body to work harder, and the arid climate naturally makes you drink more water. Both of these influences can lead to weight loss over time.

Another quality that attracts new residents is the city’s remarkable sense of community and affordability. With a population hovering around 460,000, Colorado Springs is not a small town by any means. However, the city has an enduring sense of community, nurtured by the many local events, parades, and a continually fostered sense of self-sufficiency. Home prices in the springs also tend to be more affordable than other parts of the state.

Why invest in Colorado Springs real estate?

A multitude of reasons sell families and individuals alike on the idea of settling down in Colorado Springs. But what about real estate investors? What about this city appeals specifically to individuals or groups looking to?

To begin, a tangible sense of economic stability pervades Colorado Springs. 92% of the local economy is made up of businesses with less than 500 employees. With 5 military bases in and around the city, there is also a military presence that helps boost the economy. Fort Carson alone has a population of about 14,000, most of whom are renters. This is especially appealing to investors looking for a reliable pool of tenants.

For those that follow the Atlas buy and hold thesis, we believe that the Colorado Springs real estate market is what we call a “20-year market,” meaning that we can comfortably say that properties will appreciate in the long term and will be worth more in 20 years than they are today.

Why do our local brokers believe this? Part of the reason is the fact that Colorado’s State Demography Office predicts that the city will overtake Denver in size within the next 15 years.

Find both on and off market deals.

Jim Doolittle,</br>Investment Specialist

Jim Doolittle,
Investment Specialist

Why manage properties in Colorado Springs?

Have questions about our property management services?

Elijah Jennings,</br>Business Development Manager

Elijah Jennings,
Business Development Manager

When it comes to being a landlord, not all cities are created equal.

Our property management team approves the Colorado Springs market for several reasons. The growing economy and nearby military bases ensure a strong market of qualified renters. The political landscape in Colorado Springs also creates the landlord-friendly environment that we look for in terms of policy and protections for homeowners.

As property owners ourselves, we know that finding the right deal is half the equation. The other half is managing it well.

Our team ensures we can adequately manage properties in any city that we buy/sell properties in and the Atlas Property Management team in Colorado has been voted the best property management company by ColoradoBiz Magazine for the past four consecutive years.

Colorado Springs

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