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Institutional single-family

Property Management

Atlas is seeking to partner with investors to provide the highest quality 3rd party services. 

Atlas is a leading investor and operator of single-family homes. Our property management service line was designed by investors for investors.

Target Markets

Target Markets

• Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Idaho,
Nevada, Kansas, Missouri, Texas

• Additional states to be determined upon operations

Property Management Services

Property Management Services

• Full-service property management

• Includes construction, leasing, repairs & maintenance, asset management, etc.

Profile of Returns

Profile of Returns

•  Maximize cash flows

•  High home price appreciation

•  Strong rental yield growth

Our Fully-Integrated End to End Solution

The Atlas Experience

Aligned Interests

We only get paid when you do. Our property managers are incentivized to keep your units full and your residents happy.

Real-Time Reporting

Atlas runs on transparency. We offer real time reporting that can be tailored to fit your individual needs through our institutional-grade data solutions.

Low Vacancy & Fast Turns

97% of our units are occupied AND collected. The average time an Atlas property is vacant between residents is just 10 days.

Single Point of Contact

A single point of contact ensures a better experience for both owners and residents.

A Comprehensive & Innovative Solution for the Investment Class

Construction Management
  • Experience overseeing thousands of renovation projects in diverse locations.
  • Strong connections to local contractors.
  • Commitment to controlling costs and working within budget.
  • Proven ability to meet timelines.
Property & Asset Management
  • Better-than-market occupancy and collections across multiple markets and demographics.
  • In-house property management of over 100 professionals provides expertise and alignment with investors.
  • 99.9% average collections and 5.7-year average tenancy for SFR assets.

Timeline of Atlas Integration Platform

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Atlas Real Estate was founded as a Fix and Flip  Company.

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Atlas co-founders built a multimillion-dollar investment portfolio, sold it to an institutional investor and began long-term SFR acquisitions.

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Atlas begins institutional acquisitions, construction services, and property management.

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Large expansion  of property management  and investment  brokerage divisions.

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Atlas begins acquisitions for Zillow iBuying  program.

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Atlas has bought and sold over 8,000 properties on behalf of institutional investors representing over $3 billion worth of transactions.

Atlas now has over 200 employees in 11 offices in 8 markets with over 9,000 properties under management.

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Account Executive

Sam Jameson

Account Executive

Atlas SFR Highlights

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