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How To Buy Your First Home & Why It Matters

Erik Hanley, Harlie Maahs & Rob Unger
Atlas Real Estate
Virtual Event

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Ready to learn about one of those important life topics that high school failed to cover? Join our free webinar discussing the nuts & bolts of buying your first home and why it matters in your journey towards financial freedom.

This hour long webinar session is happening October 19th at 12pm. Ask us anything! We’re all about sharing what we know and passionate about real estate because we have personally seen the impact it can make on someone’s life.

Atlas Real Estate Advisors Erik Hanley, Harlie Maahs & Rob Unger will explain the steps it takes to successfully buy your first home and empower you in getting started in the game of real estate investing.

The webinar will be a stress-free, open discussion environment. There’s no gimmicks, “gurus” or sales pitch. We’re owners helping future owners learn the ropes of real estate. We look forward to meeting you and the chance to help with any questions you may have!

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