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Becoming A Millionaire Through Apartment Investing

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Cody Burton & Rebekah Scott
Virtual Event

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Attention all investors… let’s get RICH! And no, we’re not trying to sell an expensive class or a “get rich quick” scheme. Join in on our free webinar designed for experienced investors looking to optimize their portfolios through real estate investing.

This hour long webinar session will take place October 19th at 12pm. Ask us anything! We’re all about sharing what we know and passionate about real estate because we have personally seen the impact it can make on someone’s life.

Atlas Real Estate Specialists Cody Burton & Rebekah Scott will discuss the importance of geodiversity in your portfolio, the difference between investing in apartments vs. syndication and how you can get started in multifamily investments.

The only prerequisite is a desire to learn and grow your passive income. There’s no “gurus”, gimmicks or sales pitch. We’re just owners helping owners build real, sustainable wealth through real estate investing.

We look forward to meeting you and the chance to help with any questions you may have!

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