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The Path to Homeownership

Rent with Right to Purchase

What is the Rent with Right to Purchase (RTP) program?

Atlas’ Rent with Right to Purchase program is a simple and transparent way to help get you into the rental home you want today, with an option to purchase the home when the time is right for you. The program provides years of rent stability with only a one-year financial commitment to the lease.

How it Works

  1. Start your application by contacting RTP Program Coordinator, Erik Hanley.
  2. Once approved, you select a home on the for-sale market.
  3. We purchase the home and lease it to you.
  4. Move in, with the option (not obligation!) to purchase the home at a fixed- price when you are ready.

Your Path to Home Ownership

Step 1

Apply by contacting Seth
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Step 2

Qualified application approved
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Step 3

Find your home
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Step 4

Atlas purchases property
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Step 5

You purchase home at any time
(within 5 years)

Program Features:

  • Rental rate and purchase price are fixed, so there are no surprises.
  • Guaranteed option for a five-year lease, with only one-year lease commitment required.
  • You have the right to purchase the home at any time during your lease.
  • Security deposit is fully refundable.

How do I qualify for RTP?

  • Minimum annual household income of $60,000.
  • Credit score of 550 or higher, subject to review.
  • No prior evictions or felonies.
  • No active bankruptcies, foreclosures, short sales, or tax liens.
  • Bank statement proving at least two month’s rent is in your account at time of application.
  • All members of the household who are 18 years of age or older and will live in the home must submit an application and be approved.
RTP Program Coordinator

Erik Hanley

RTP Program Coordinator

Get Started – Contact Erik Today.

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